Festival Ready

Festival Ready

Client: Victorinox


The Swiss Army knife is well known as an icon of multi-functional design and usability. Victorinox wanted Festival Ready to be an App aimed at festival goers – providing them with a useful multi-functional tool to ease their enjoyment, and help them throughout the festival.


Interpretation of Brief

The product will need to:-

  • Uphold the brand values of Victorinox
  • Provide useful tools to festival goers
  • Allow for additional tools to be added in the future
  • Share information with friends
  • Store information locally, when there’s no internet connection

Competition Analysis

We analysed the market, and found no competitor specifically targeting the user at Festivals. Whilst competitors provided Apps for use at Festivals, this were strongly focussed on providing the user with information about what’s on – rather than providing useful tools for the user.


We developed a number of personas, varying according to:-

  • How familiar the user was to festivals
  • How old the user was
  • How social the user was
  • What type of activities they would participate in at the festival

Sitemap & Wireframes

After prototyping the App, we developed a number of wireframes, ensuring that usability was maintained when the user was connected to the internet, and also when they weren’t – something that regularly happens when at festivals.

A few of the wireframes are shown below: –

  • Sitemap & Homepage

    Sitemap & Homepage

  • Navigator Tool & Tips Page

    Navigator tool & Tips page


  • Festival Ready

    Festival Ready

  • Tools Screen


  • Find Friends

    Find Friends

  • Find Your Tent

    Find Friends

  • Messager


  • Torch



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